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Suzanne’s interest in color and design started at a young age with creating cutout dolls from fabric remnants and mail order catalogues.  She began sewing and later in life dress designing became her focus.  While living in Saskatchewan, Suzanne joined the Broadway Painters and began painting as a hobby.  She was soon captivated by the awesome prairie skies that inspire her to this day of which she refers to as her daily bread.

Suzanne is mainly self taught, and continues to take part in choice workshops.  Working alongside other passionate artists keeps her inspired.

When drawn to a subject, Suzanne needs to see it in her mind’s eye before she can begin to paint it. She keeps her creative spirit and emotions open to whatever may trigger it.   After a few brush strokes, painting becomes a spiritual exercise, where she totally loses herself in the moment and where her painting energy level is renewed, nurturing her grande passion.

Juror’s Choice Awards offer Suzanne ongoing challenges to work with new mediums in many new directions.  Suzanne has shown works in many individual as well as group shows in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  Her mediums include oil, water media, pastel, silk painting and most recently encaustic painting – a wax based paint composed of beeswax, resin and pigment.

Suzanne is an active member of the following:

The Federation of Canadian Artists

Central Okanagan Chapter of the FCA

B.C. Artists Guild

Brushstrokes Club – West Kelowna

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